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Bulletproof G-Wagon

Let’s peep into the history of Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen was the dream-car of many in the 1970s. the intent was to build a capable, rugged, and user-friendly transport but somehow, due to the outrageous pricing, appealing looks, and limited production, it soon turned out to be a status symbol.

Bulletproof G-Wagon

Let us look at the evolution of the Mercedes Benz over the past years.

1948: Large adult father of G-Wagon

After WWII, the former engineer of Mercedes-Benz came with the idea of an all-terrain vehicle. The canvas-roofed, open-bed truck, Unimog was built. Delighted by the idea of Unimog, Mercedes bought the company and has produced numerous variations in the Unimog platform since the day.

1973- 1993: Birth of a car to its coming to America

Bulletproof G-Wagon

Made with wood, the car has menacing looks. It was divided into two model lines- one for serving non-military applications and another for looking after military applications. The idea of a Bulletproof G-Wagon for the military emerged as a necessity.

The first G-Wagon was built in Graz, Austria and was available in 3 different body styles- two-door wagon, two-door convertible, and four-door wagon. The first bulk orders were from Iran for serving military applications.

The Vatican asked for a different version of four-door G-Wagon with a clear plastic chamber at the top to enable the Pope to stand and greet his admirers during his public appearances.

In 1990, the G-Class got its style updated for the first time. While Mercedes continued with its utilitarian look, the G got transitioned towards luxury with the civilian-only line which featured burl wood trim, cruise control, leather seats, running boards, and anti-lock brakes.

In the year 1993, Europa, a Santa Fe Company received legal permission to import and certify G-Wagon to sell in America. However, bringing trucks to US standards was expensive which cemented the rarity, Luxo-bruiser appeal, and exclusivity of the truck.

2001-2007: Mercedes making it official to refusing to take an L

Bulletproof G-Wagon

After realizing the vastness of the American market, Mercedes finally imported a V-8 powered version of G-Class in the US in the year 2001. Sales of the G wagon started piling up and Mercedes continued to drop more luxurious and powerful versions of the truck.

Mercedes unveiled its new three-row luxury SUV, the GL-class to replace the ancient G-Wagon. However, the demand for the ancient truck did not allow GL-Class to replace G-Wagon.


Bulletproof G-Wagon

In the succeeding years six-wheeled G 63, AMG showed up followed by the G 65. Upscale Maybach Sub-brand released half-convertible G 65 and it could not get any more absurd. The idea of Bulletproof G-Wagon had been implemented by this time. Progressively, the G-Wagon got full-makeover. The model became longer, more luxurious, wider, sophisticated and got richer looks.

G-Wagon celebrated its 40th birthday in 2019 and promised to open a G-Class Experience center. The center is constructed on a former Austrian Air force base for letting its customers enjoy off-road lunacy.

At present the Bulletproof G-Wagon features insane features, luxurious looks, high-class comfort and all what you dream of!